Newborn Sessions

Newborns. They’re beautiful miracles and are absolutely pivotal in our life journey. These tiny little creatures bring about so much change to who we are. How can you love someone so much — so profoundly — when you’ve only just met them? They are perfection. Our hearts living outside our bodies. I love newborn sessions because I get to capture that. Love and connection – the littlest of details which make this tiny human unique.

Clients who book a newborn session do so to ensure they always have something which enables them to remember… remember what they looked like… remember how small they were…. remember how they felt in their arms those first few weeks. There is a sense of pride that accompanies parenting a new baby – you want to show them off and share this pride and joy with family and friends.

But babies are also hard work. You don’t get a lot of sleep when you have a newborn. Between the diaper changes and feeding/burping… spit ups… upset tummies and ALL the laundry, it’s easy to get lost in the new baby crazy. Newborn sessions give parents a chance to capture all of the wonderful things about their little one. To focus on the amazingness bundled up in this tiny person. To focus on how sweet and beautiful they are, and forget about the hard parts, if only just for a bit. So when they are older, you can sit down together and reminisce about how tiny they once were.

Because they are this small – only once – captured forever.

The pictures are beyond exceptional... The result is absolutely priceless, a legacy of the gift that is his life.




Newborn Sessions take place in your home ideally between 5 and 14 days from birth and last 2-4 hours. The focus will be on simply posed shots of your newborn using my backdrops and props, with family images included. Newborn Sessions are a traditional portrait session where individual photos are capable of telling the story of a particular moment in your life. They are designed and priced for you to select and add on only the keepsakes that mean the most to you. The session rate covers the photographer's time and talent in creating your online viewing gallery, containing no fewer than 25 images to select and purchase keepsakes from. Keepsake pricing starts at $50, with both print and digital products available. Contact me for a complete pricing list.

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