Grow With Me Plans

Grow With Me Plans are for those clients who want to document each step in this beautiful journey. The connections formed before your newest family member is born, the little details which make him or her (or them) unique, and the pride you feel when seeing them finally accomplish sitting up on their own or taking their first wobbly steps. These are the moments you want to engrave on your mind and heart forever, remembering exactly how you felt in each chapter of your story. I will help you tell that story.

Grow With Me Plans include a maternity, newborn, and milestone session. However, some clients prefer to add in additional milestone sessions to document the various beautifully bittersweet steps in their baby(s) first year. If you are interested in customizing your Grow With Me Plan, please contact me and we can create a plan that meets your needs.

"You captured all the things we had hoped to capture and cherish... we couldn't be happier with them."




The Grow With Me Plan is a multi-session package designed to capture the milestones of your journey from pregnancy through baby's first year. It includes a Maternity, Newborn, and Milestone session, as well as 25% off a la carte keepsakes.

*Grow With Me customization is available.

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