Fresh 48 Sessions

As mothers, we have a deep connection with our baby from the very beginning, a connection that most fathers cannot feel or understand until they hold their little one(s) for the first time. Those first few hours and days with your newest family member are filled with awe, delight, and love.

Clients who book a Fresh 48 Session want to relive that experience. Just how wrinkly were those little hands and feet? What did it look like holding your new baby? What did it FEEL like? What room were you in when you had those first bonding experiences? How did you feel when you saw your spouse holding your little one in the beginning, cradling them so gently? Your tiny little miracle, so fresh and new. These are the memories you want to hold onto forever.

"She truly gets to know you and your family. That is very important to me -- knowing someone before they photograph an important part in my life."




Fresh 48 Sessions last about 75 minutes and occur within two days of birth before leaving the hospital. Capture how fresh and new your baby is, as well as your family's love and joy in a natural, documentary way. Your gallery will contain no fewer than 35 images in both color and black and white. Due to the story-telling nature of this session, a USB with high resolution digital files of your full gallery is included in the rate. Printed keepsakes are also available starting at $50. Contact me for a complete pricing list.

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