Birth Sessions

Personally, I am so drawn to births. It’s the sheer power of them. Real. Raw. Emotional. (And quite frankly, I love the honest to goodness girl power!) When it comes to documenting births, I find the entire experience exhilarating.

I want to tell your unique birth story….you hire a wedding photographer to tell your story, to document the love you have for your husband/wife and all of the beautiful details that go into creating your big day, and that is what I do for my birth clients. I am there to tell your other great love story — the one before first sight — to document the big moments and the small details of welcoming your new baby, which you will undoubtedly forget (or miss altogether).

You think you will remember, but you don’t. I sat down a week after giving birth to write my own birth story and was taken aback by how much I could not recall. It’s a blessing and a curse, this tendency to forget (otherwise we’d all have only one child). This is why I am there – to help you remember what you’ve forgotten.

"Danielle's talent and professionalism is remarkable. Very few people are able to capture so many emotions with a single shot. I would recommend her to anyone!"




Birth Sessions capture the details of your surroundings and the emotions you feel during the final hours of your little one's long awaited arrival, as well as the excitement and joy immediately following your baby's birth. Your gallery will contain no fewer than 50 images in both color and black and white. Due to the story-telling nature of this session, a USB with high resolution digital files of your full gallery is included in the rate. Printed keepsakes are also available starting at $50. Contact me for a complete pricing list.

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