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Daily Photo Project 2015 | October | Mobile Photographer

Another month down! I’ve taken at least one photo a day for the past 304 days. It’s kind of hard to believe that there are only 61 days left in my 2015 Photo Project. 2016 will be here before I know it.

October was a fun month. The weather started to get a little cooler, so we spent a good bit of time outside. The kids enjoyed eating lunch on the back patio, and playing on their swing-set in the evenings until it got dark outside. We continued our family tradition of going out to Bellingrath Gardens for trick-or-treating and the balloon glow on the great lawn. My twins were a little disappointed when it turned out to be too windy for the hot-air balloons, though got a good laugh as they tried to get them up. I’m happy I was able to capture a few pictures of them in costume that day, since last night was so gloomy and stormy. I was too focused on letting them have fun before the storm rolled in to worry about getting pictures.

Wow. I just said that. There was a time I would have been so upset and distraught over not getting a picture of them dressed-up on Halloween. I’m not sure if it’s knowing that I have so many wonderful pictures of them already this year, or if it’s because I’ve decided that sometimes it’s more important to enjoy the present. I could have stopped and used my husbands phone to snap a few quick pictures, though I would have had to let go of my son’s hand. I know that these days are numbered, and for me yesterday, I wanted to hold on to the moment while I still had the chance.

These are the photos we chose for October. Enjoy! And don’t miss the rest of my 365 Project.

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